About Us

Mission: To inspire people who are looking for ways to earn money online and show them it's achievable through Affiliate Marketing. We are committed to providing high quality information about the skills, systems, tools that people need in order to progress and reach their business goals.

Vision: To  be the leading practical learning venue for obtaining high income skills that helps people get the traction they need to achieve financial freedom doing Affiliate Marketing.

Joseph Santiago

Husband, Father, Author and Entrepreneur

About The Founder

Joseph Santiago is the founder of Joeniche under Viktorzoelle Enterprise. He was an employee, an HR professional for over 15 years until he found ways on making money online and left his professional career. He is an author, blogger, and internet marketer. He has created his own digital products such as: eBooks and digital courses that have gone to generate massive income.

His entrepreneurial journey started in 2017, while he was still working as an employee he purchased different online courses about internet marketing.This had helped educate himself and learn the effective ways on making money using the power of the internet. While his families and friends are relaxing during the weekends or having a vacation trip on holidays, he stayed focus on completing the online courses.

He also found a healthier and more motivational way to lose weight. He has created a digital course for people who are struggling on losing weight and helped them achieved their optimum weight.