Hernia Cure and Remedy

The purpose of this blog is to spread awareness about how to properly deal with Hernia and people suffering on this illness should not be embarrassed at all.

Allow me to share the feelings that I had. How embarrassment held me back on finding a cure on Inguinal Hernia. It made me suffer for 20 years and endured the pain that could have fixed easily.

Let me give a short story of my life. I was a basketball varsity player in High School. I never knew that I had a hernia since birth, until one Saturday afternoon while playing basketball.

I remembered I sprinted hard to get and save the ball that was bouncing out of the court. That's when I felt a burning sensation on my left groin area. I immediately went out of the court and did not finish the game.

The burning sensation continues. It was very painful. I remembered for 3 days I could not lift my leg to wear my brief without supporting it with my left hand.

I thought it was just a muscle spasm so I ignored it, and just let the pain go away naturally. I did not mention it to my mother even to my siblings because I'm too embarrassed to talk about the genital area at that time. I'm not open on to discuss this kind of topic in our house. In fact I was still a virgin when I got injured. Yeah, true story!  

As time passes by, the pain disappeared but I can feel a bulge manifesting at the left groin area and I noticed that it's getting bigger over time. When I'm lying down the bulge subsides and goes back when I'm standing.

It is not painful anymore however there's a feeling of discomfort. So I just ignored it. I just continued my daily lifestyle as if there's nothing wrong with my body. I'm an active guy, I'm into physical exercises. I even did weight lifting. I also trained in boxing for few years as well. Which aggravated my condition. I had no idea at the time that the more you put pressure on your body the more your hernia will grow. 

I gained a lot of weight when I was in college. I was no longer physically active because I did not go for try-outs in college basketball. I was afraid that my condition will be discovered and I'm too embarrassed to let other people know. I know medical examination is a requirement before you qualify to enter the team. With that being said, I  gained a lot of weight, from 135 lbs standing at 5'9" to 160 lbs.

When I was gaining weight, the pain is becoming prominent. And when I reached the 180 lbs weight, the bulge no longer subsides even while lying down. I think I was already working in a call center as HR, year 2007.

Probably you will ask me how I manage to keep it as a secret while there's a medical examination requirement that you need to pass before the company let you work? Well, I learned that you can waive the physical examination. 

With my condition, I noticed that I always want to lie down or at least sit down because it's very painful while on pro-longed standing. Even so, I still did not disclose my health situation to anyone because of EMBARRASSMENT. I've heard bad stories when I was a kid. Like people suffering from it can't have children, surgery is very painful, and once you underwent a surgery you can't do the same activities as normal people do.

I've learned the hard way, it took me 20 years before getting the courage to have it fixed. All the bad stories that I heard about hernia are false beliefs and NOT True!

One great lesson that I learned from this is not to listen to negative stories, do some research and gather facts before fearing something you are not familiar with.

The first person that I told my health situation was my wife. She was still my girlfriend when I found the courage to tell her about my condition. This was when she said yes to my marriage proposal. I felt obliged to, I want to be honest with her because I don't want her to be confused when she sees me naked on our first night why the other half looks like the Hulk and the other half looks got robbed of all the nutrients. And of course the thought of the possibility of not being able to have kids is the priority.

After disclosing it to my wife, It helped me gain some confidence. So I started doing some research from our friend Google on the natural remedy because I was too afraid to undergo a surgery. The thought itself just freak me out. But let me tell you that this, it did not help either, so don't waste any time!

It took me 9 years after getting married before I decided to see a doctor because at this time, it really hurts so bad and my bowel movement is getting erratic. Sometimes I will poop 6 times a day while there are days that I'm constipated. If it wasn't for my wife, I would have not overcame the feeling of embarrassment, and I would have not decided to see a doctor. 

Turns out, it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. All the worries and sufferings that I have dealt over the past 20 years were unnecessary and could have been avoided.

So my suggestion for you, find a person who will give you such confidence. Its going to be a BIG help in overcoming your fear or any feeling that hinder you in finding a cure..

The reason why you are reading this article is because you are finding a cure. If you are just like me from the past and suffering from a hernia. I'm telling you right now that the best and effective method or cure is SURGERY

There are 2 types of hernia repair surgery: 

1. Herniorrhaphy (tissue repair)

Herniorrhaphy is the oldest type of hernia surgery and is still being used. It involves a surgeon making a long incision directly over the hernia then using surgical tools to open the cut enough to access it. Tissues or a displaced organ are then returned to their original location, and the hernia sac is removed. The surgeon stitches the sides of the muscle opening or hole through which the hernia protruded. Once the wound has been sterilized, it is stitched shut. (I don't recommend this. The percentage of recurrence is very high) - ​https://www.medicalnewstoday.com​​​

2. Hernioplasty (mesh repair)

In hernioplasty, instead of stitching the muscle opening shut, the surgeon covers it with a flat, sterile mesh, usually made of flexible plastics, such as polypropylene, or animal tissue. The surgeon makes small cuts around the hole in the shape of the mesh and then stitches the patch into the healthy, intact surrounding tissues. Damaged or weak tissues surrounding the hernia will use the mesh, as a supportive, strengthening scaffold as they regrow. (Highly recommended - I underwent this surgery) - https://www.medicalnewstoday.com

Hernioplasty is better-known as tension-free hernia repair.  - https://www.medicalnewstoday.com

There are two methods of surgery

1. Traditional Procedure

2. Laparoscopic Procedure

Both methods are safe but my preference is Laparoscopic Procedure for it's benefit of faster recovery. Although it's way too expensive compared to the Traditional Procedure. 

I suggest, you go see a surgeon doctor and have it checked. What I did was, I made a research online and choose the surgeon with plenty of positive feedback and who performed the surgery numerous times. If you are in the Philippines I'm suggesting, Dr. Vincent De Ocampo of Medical City, Ortigas Pasig City. He performed the surgery of my hernia repair.

Don't be afraid to ask your Doctor anything including the rates of the surgery so you can prepare the finances thoroughly. 

For post operation, I suggest you wear an Inguinal Hernia support. You can click on the link provided below and check if it suits your requirement.


I have used this on my post operation, it helped me move naturally that helped me recover faster.

Don't be afraid to let someone you trust, knows your health condition. It will help alleviate the pain and sufferings. You will be more confident on dealing your health situation rather than dealing it on your own. Remember - "no man is an island". 

After you have recovered from the surgery, you will really feel the difference and you will feel good about yourself. Don't wait and suffer any longer. See your doctor now.